🧑‍💻  Front-End Engineer

🏔️  Bristol, CT

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About Me

Hello, I’m Marc! ✋😀

I am a Front-End Engineer based in Bristol Connecticut specializing in crafting Shopify e-commerce websites designed to deliver exceptional user experiences.

My expertise lies in utilizing the full potential of the Shopify platform to create interfaces catered to the unique requirements of diverse clients.

My passion for creating seamless user experiences, coupled with a proven track record of delivering for high-profile clients, underscores my commitment to driving innovation and excellence in front-end development within the e-commerce space.

🥷 Skills



💼  Experience

Front-End Engineer (remote)

Spiegel Design Group, Los Angeles, CA – (Sept 2021 - Sept 2023)

Web Developer/ IT Support

Enviromental Systems, West Hartford, CT – (Nov 2019 - Sept 2021)

🏫 Projects

Shopify Store

Link - https://my-online-dev-store.myshopify.com/ Pw: trinur

View Code - https://github.com/marctroj/my-shopify-store


Movie Search

Link - https://movie-search-site.netlify.app/

View Code - https://github.com/marctroj/react-redux-movie-search



Link - https://ninefiftyclothing.netlify.app/

View Code - https://github.com/lux-g/ecommerce-site